Sunday, January 23, 2011

Special Valentine's Day Handprint

Special Valentine's Day Handprint

Conversation Hearts, those little heart-shaped candies with messages on them, were first made by NECCO in 1902. The messages on the candies may have changed over the years, but kids still love them. Make a special handprint project using these candy hearts.

  • Computer, typewriter (optional)
  • Pencil, pen, crayons, or marker
  • Construction paper or poster board
  • Candy conversation hearts
  • Glue

How to make it:

  1. Type or have your kids print this poem on a sheet of paper. This isn't just any handprint, as you can plainly see. For it is a special handprint, made with love by me. Along with the handprint I send hugs and kisses your way, And wish you a very "Happy Valentine's Day!"
  2. On a heavy sheet of construction paper or poster board, either trace with a crayon or press your child's hand with paint.
  3. Write your child's name and date next to her handprint.
  4. Now, invite your child to glue on conversation heart candies as fingernails.
  5. Proceed to attach the written poem to the cardboard print with glue (trim it to size if necessary).

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