Tuesday, February 1, 2011


  • PICKS for KIDS
Baby Baby Baby! by Marilyn Janovitz

The focus is on interaction and activity in this sweet board book about a high
spirited baby and her extended family. The rhyming stanzas introduce babies
and toddlers to some soon-to-be favorite actions - clapping, splashing and kissing. Ages 0 to 4 ($8)

Pocket Kisses by Willa Perman

Bright, bold illustrations form pocket-shaped pouches. Each holds a special kiss from mommy as a reminder that even if she's not close by, her love is ever present.
Ages 3 and up ($8)

President of the Whole Fifth Grade
by Sherri Winston

When Brianna Justice's role model attributes her success as a chef to having been president of her fifth grade class, the aptly named student follows in her footsteps and is faced with the choice to play fair or
fight dirty.
Ages 8 to 12 ($16)

  • PICKS for MOMS

Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention
by Katherine Ellison

(nonfiction) In this raw but humorous memoir, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who helps her son cope with ADHD embarks on a personal search for peace and clarity when she discovers that she shares the same diagnosis. ($25)

Helen of Pasadena by Lian Dolan

(fiction) Helen Fairchild finds her life irrevocably changed when her husband, a pillar of the affluent community of Pasadena CA, suddenly passes away. As she struggles to rebuild her life, she finds a job as a research assistant meets new friends, works alongside a handsome new boss and finds love, bliss and fulfillment in ways she never experienced before in her seemingly comfortable
suburban life. ($15)

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