Sunday, January 23, 2011

We've Got Mail...

"Dear G.Whiz!,
       I am the parent of a middle school boy who says his teacher hates him. Normally I'm not the type to just take my child's word for things especially concerning whether or not his teacher likes him or not but I'm starting to believe that she may have something against him. What do you think I should do? Should I go to the principal and express my concern or just let it go?"

That's a tough one. Or at least it can be for some parents. I guess the real question is, do you have a child who tends to exaggerate things or place himself as the martyr? To me it sounds like your son is genuinely concerned and so much so that he has you thinking about it too.
I'd first ask you if you've spoken to his teacher. A good administrator when contacted should ask a parent if he/she has expressed their concerns to the teacher.
If your answer is no, then go to the teacher first. Explain how you feel - and at this age your son should be a part of the meeting. It could be a situation where the teacher has no idea that your son feels that way. Maybe there are some things that the teacher is doing and doesn't even realize it.
If after you've talked with the teacher and things don't change or you feel there are serious issues, then by all means speak to your school's principal. Whatever you decide to do - don't let it go. It could be something serious and you certainly don't want your son thinking that you don't care about his feelings or concerns.

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