Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Most of the parents..."

So here's our first question from a reader:

"Most of the parents at my child's school wish there was more technology in the school. When the principal is approached he says he has no money in the budget. Do you think that could be true and what other way could we get technology in the school?"

Technology is the wave of the future and unfortunately many are still afraid to use it or don't know much about it. In your case it seems like you all know what you need and even your principal knows what is needed so that's a positive thing.
I absolutely believe that it is possible that your principal's budget is very limited. Schools all across the country have been hit hard with the economy as well. One of the simplest ways to get money for things is to ask your school's PTA. Hopefully you have a strong one. If not, try to get that going. A school's PTA is an invaluable resource to parents, teachers and students alike. Ask your PTA to sponsor some of the equipment you want.
Another solution is grant writing. A lot of grants out there don't require you to have to be a pro at grant writing and many offer standard templates to use.

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